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Originally Posted by njaohnt View Post
Is the environment more important than people? You are part of the problem you are making up. There are ways of feeding 11 billion people. The world's amount of children is not increasing, the population growth is just because people are living longer.
The birth rate exceeds the death rate in all developing countries. We cannot even feed 7 million people, and you seriously think we will have no problem feeding 11 million people?

You seem to see the world as a harsh place you don't want to bring more people into. Why don't you lighten up, see the amazing things that are happening.
I never said anything of the sort. BY denying that the World has too many human beings, you are simply ignoring the problem.

The industrial revolution brought the population from a dirt poor 1 billion to a much richer 7.4 so far. If China-style industrial development can reach the entire world, the entire world will be rich, and can use the money to overcome the problems(like using desalination for water problems.)
That will never happen.

Additionally, most of the World's population lives in poverty. You are ignorant to the problems the World is facing. Have you ever been on a reserve? There are problems with poverty, inadequate housing, and water supplies for a substantial amount of people in Canada.

If there's too many people, you are one of them. Why don't you stop using electricity, and eating food moved large distances by going to the forest and foraging for your food. You want to live with the benefits of development, but you don't want more people to live with them. I think this is very interesting, and something you should ask yourself about, and find out why you are this way. Probably something in your past has made you think of the world as a place where there are too many people, and/or a harsh place where people should not be brought to.
Now you are being a condescending prick.

To tell you the truth, I would much rather live to only be 45, and lead a happy and fulfilling life, than live to be 80, and be a product of the rat race. Our first Nations people lived this way for thousands of years. What has increased life expectancy brought them? It must be wonderful to live a life with complete indifference and ignorance to the plight of most of the World's population. Just look no further then what is happening with the migrant problem in Europe as a example of this.
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