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Originally Posted by SkydivePilot View Post
I couldn't agree more with Bomberjet.

Moreover, Once the carbon count reaches 450 ppm, natural feedbacks will kick in. (2C --- AVERAGE --- global temperature rise from 2008.) Simply put, the train will have left the station. (Presently, we're at 413 ppm and during the winter of '07-08, we were at 385 ppm.) We WILL blow by 500 ppm before we stop this juggernaut.

During the Industrial Revolution, our planet was at 275 ppm; things are picking up speed.

In the Western World, Latin America, Mexico and the Southern States will dry up. (Not to mention other locales within the Tropical/Subtropical regions worldwide.)
CO2 is good for plants. I support the increase in CO2. This study shows that increased CO2 is good for the world economy(until 2080), even if you accept that CO2 causes the levels of warming with positive feedback.(I have been convinced of negative feedback by ocean temperature data, but you may disagree) Cold kills many more people than heat.

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