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^ As was I'm sure the case in Saskatoon 18 months ago, Winnipeggers are barely aware of the NLL's existence right now. But with the noise coming out of Saskatoon and if Edmonton gets a team again, it could become a big deal regionally and then it's possible that TNSE would get in on it.

That said, TNSE is pretty busy with two pro hockey teams + the usual entertainment lineup at MTS Centre. The Moose were a relatively easy sell here given the Jets tie-in and the fact that it's a familiar product, whereas the NLL would take some real marketing oomph.

I think it could work in Winnipeg but with all the things TNSE has on the go right now I'm just not sure how much of a priority it is for them.

Anyway, I wonder if Saskatoon will end up becoming the NLL's number one hotbed?
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