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Originally Posted by mrnyc View Post
that process is not working out so well in the usa with the atlantic yards example is it?
That's because American developers are slow, and incompetent. Where it takes America on average 5 years to complete a road project, in China, whole cities are built. 1 Chinese worker is = most likely 5 or 6 Americans in terms of output. Those people are just superior at building quick and the soft-cost cycle is much quicker. Here we drone on about height, and "density concerns" from NIMBYS.

Well, on a positive note, good thing Chinese developers are pouring billions into our cities. They get skyscrapers finished quickly. If we start hiring some of them to solve our housing crisis in NYC, we'd see much more being built. We can learn a thing or two from China.

Pre-fab can work wonderfully. Its a good way to build quick, and fast, but things like lengthy permit and approval processes in the U.S. hamper speed along with developers changing plans at the last minute. Strict regulations also make it though to build quick.
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