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Originally Posted by Jaycruz View Post
^^^ I think it honestly was just an honest question at a time that i think many of us question the viability of speed and safety. I don't think it warrented a rather hostile "Stupid" response. If Jmanc, the administrator that posted above, is ok with it and didn't close the thread, i don't think its a problem. Could have just answered the question or stayed quiet like our parents taught us. "nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all"

But anyways. I think it all depends on the regulations and other safety concerns in place. The Empire state building was built in a year and at the time was the tallest in the world. Now, however, in the states atleast, to build a tower even half that size will take 2 years even with our modern tech, tower cranes and etc.

Now China is oddly cranking out SOME towers quickly. But their buildings sometimes aren't built to certain standards and other problems occur. But building a thousand footer in a year shouldn't be hard.

Now building a tower of significant height in a week with current technology isn't even imaginable as of right now and if one were to be built, i don't think many people would feel safe being in it. Espeacially in earthquake prone areas like Los Angeles, San Fran and Tokyo.... or in hurricane/typhoon prone areas like Florida and the gulf coast and other cities in south east asia.
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