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Originally Posted by blueandgoldguy View Post
Hasn't that art existed for hundreds if not thousands of years? If so, that would eliminate the idea of government officials or agencies forming the cultural expressions of that group.
Well yes and no...

Traditionally these people carved small piecies of bone or tusk that could be carried with them ...

When the federal government created static communities for the Innuit they were not as nomadic. The government decided to fly in soapstone in the early 60's and encourage people to carve... In Cape Dorset they brought in artists to teach print making. These were the beginnings of print making and soapstone carving we see today.

While it may be considered a newer art form so is video art performance art or photography for that matter. They can be seen in the greatest art galleries of the world.

As our society changes so does the art forms. As we and the national gallery have the greatert Inuit collections in the world it's only naturally we should proudly try and display them...
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