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I am not sold on MLB in SA yet. I definitely think that it would work, but I am not sure if it would happen. However, when comparing to Charlotte/Indianapolis/Salt Lake City; only Salt Lake is a true competitor (for the A's). I also think that Portland is prime competition for a team moving. Indianapolis does not have the money or ability to support a new team (not just a third team, a new team). Charlotte has the money, but I am not sure about what the draw would be, since that have two pro franchises and NASCAR.

I think it depends on whether the debate is what city can BEST support a franchise or what city is the best fit for a Franchise.

Oakland A's:
Montreal and San Antonio have been thrown out there, but I believe that Salt Lake City and Portland will be two other competitors if the A's move from Oakland. Montreal is kind of an outlier and I am not too sure why they are in the conversation; great city, but an AL West team in Montreal? The other three cities make since for the A's from a divisional standpoint, but it always comes down to incentives; who can build a stadium and have a good lease agreement, and what can be made from TV Rights.

I think that San Antonio could build a stadium, but the big question would be where. As for the TV Rights, that is where SA is at a slight disadvantage. Fox Sports SW covers the state and any contract with them gets you the most coverage, but also competes with everything else aired by them. As has been stated the SA Media Market id not reflective of the Metro size, but there is Austin to the north and that may provide a little extra. The problem with SA and Austin is that a lot of the growth of the city consists of transplants. Transplants tend to have their own roots and favorite teams, and as it has been seen in Arizona sports franchises, it can have an effect on attendance and support.

Tampa Bay Rays:
I think that SA would be at the back of the pack if the Rays were looking at moving. I would think that Montreal and Charlotte would be the front runners, with maybe even Jacksonville and another NYC team would be ahead of SA.

I am not holding out hope for SA. I will take a wait and see approach, but if a team like the A's truly looks to leave; SA will be and is a viable candidate.
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