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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Another vintage photograph that shows litter and weeds, not unlike the Bixel Street photo I posted earlier in the week.

I need some help in figuring out the location of this photo. The seller had no information other than Los Angeles.
I think the apartment building above the word "Ladies" is the Hacienda Arms aka. Coronet Apartments/Piazza del Sol on Sunset Boulevard. That dates the photo to after 1927.

Although the Hacienda Arms building is not visible in the picture below, the view of the mountains is very similar to the one above. It was taken on Croft Avenue looking north toward Santa Monica Boulevard in 1927.

USC Digital Library

Here's part of a 1931 aerial looking northeast over Santa Monica Boulevard. The Hacienda Arms is near the top left, and the Bekins Storage building from the picture above is just right of center. Going by the angle of the mountains in the previous picture, my guess is that the shoe store and cleaners were a little east of the Bekins building on Santa Monica Boulevard.

USC Digital Library
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