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Agreed. LA is a pretty sprawled out city, but IMO it has a bad rap. There are some really good neighborhoods there. NYC has some awesome neighborhoods and is probably the world's greatest urban experience, but it also has massive sprawl.

Anyhow, back to this building. It's not the height of architectural design, but I don't find it that bad. It would just blend in and wouldn't be that noticeable, but would also add some really good density.

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^ Unfortunately this is the sort of prevailing wisdom on mtlurb. Most American cities to them are sprawling hellholes overrun by God-fearing xenophobes driving huge polluting cars (and listening to Rush Limbaugh's noise pollution over the radio). (Here is a recent photo thread someone did on LA.. It's not that bad )

There is more to America (and Los Angeles) than what the tired stereotypes suggest.