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Constanta City
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Constanta -project and construction

Constanta (Constantza) is a romanian city with a population of 320.000 inhabitants within the city and almost 400.000 with the suburbs.
Second largest city in Romania both by population and development after Bucharest, Constanta city tends to become a major transition hub between Asia and Europe due to its terminus position on major European Corridors:
- IV -highway/rail
-VII -Danube river
Constanta is connected with the Danube river by the Danube-Black Sea Canal (third in the world after Suez and Panama). Due to the canal the Port of Constanta (largest at the Black Sea and 4th in Europe) has both maritime and river infrastructure.
On a radius of 30 km there are 2 airports: Constanta International Airport (CND) and Tuzla Airport (small, air-sports oriented airport).
The major infrastruture projects under development are the completion of A2 Highway (part of C IV)-summer of 2013 and the A4 -Constanta Ring Higway -May 2012.
The most famous neighborhood is Mamaia Beach. This summer resort is a magnet for romanian and foreign tourists. Due to its nightclubs, international concerts, festivals (like Fashion TV Summer Festival) Mamaia (also called Ibiza of the east) is visited by over 1.000.000 tourists each year.
After Romania entered the EU, Constanta has become an important point on the cruise ships routes.
Constanta is the oldest inhabited city on the Romanian teritory with a history of over 2.600 years, and it was founded by the greek colonists from Milet under the name of Tomis.
The city is capital of Dobrudja region, a region with almost 1.000.000 inhabitants, and an economy based on: oil (extraction and refining), wind energy (the new eldorado for wind energy investors with ongoing projects over 3 billion euros), nuclear energy, agriculture, wine industry, food industry, building materials, tourism, shipbuilding.
Through Constanta Port 75% of the romanian imports/exports take place.
Constanta, same as Dobrudja is an example of both ethnic (romanians, rroma, greek, italian, turkish, tatars, russians, chinese etc) and religious (christians, muslims, hebrew etc) coexistence for hundred of years witout any ethnic or religious conflict.
After this brief introduction, i'll present below the major on-going and proposed projects.

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