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MUMBAI | Shreepati Skies | 301 M | 81 FLOORS

Shreepati Skies, Mumbai, India

Since I'm lazy, I'll just pist the descriptoin from World Architecture News. The information is accurate, save for the fact that since this tower was announced last year, the mantle of 'Mumbai's tallest' has passed over a dozen times and by a couple orders of magnitude.

Set to be the tallest building in Mumbai standing 301 meters or 1000 ft tall, Shreepati Skies or the dancing lady shaped building promises to be unlike any other structure in the India’s or Asia’s Skyline. The master mind behind this structure is no stranger to tall buildings - renowned Architect Reza Kabul has to his credit the tallest completed building of India (Shreepati Arcade listed in the Limca book of Records 2003).

In a novel move, the architect has incorporated the image of a dancing native lady with a water pot symbolised within the design.

The chief construction materials are reinforced cement concrete, glass, steel and aluminum, thus giving the building a smooth and sleek finish. Covering a plot area of approximately 2 acres, the design of Shreepati Skies gives the perception of a dancing lady mounted on a platform comprising of 7 parking floors housing 300 cars. The tower has an estimated 81 floors.

Among its many engineering achievements, this building also has a base to height ratio approaching one to ten, making it the most slender skyscraper. It has the longest constructed continual elevator lift by 1000 feet with 10 nos of Elevators at an approximate sped of 5 mts /sec.

Shreepati Skies promises its residents 126 state of the art apartments, each ndividually designed by Reza Kabul himself with apartment sizes ranging from 2 Bedroom, to 3 and 4beds, duplex and penthouses offering unique floor plans and breath taking view of the ocean, many with individual paddle pools. An additional private theatre, therapeutic spa, a state of the art gym, a swimming pool and a helipad on the top are also incorporated.

In order to meet with standard of Sustainability and an Environmental friendly design the design will include recycling of rain water and management of waste water storage and its recycling process amongst others. Construction of the tower shall take approximately 5 years.
Some more renderings of the tower:

And for posterity's sake, a rendering of the initial design:

More info in second post...

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