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Originally Posted by rgalston View Post
Youcube is technically in South Point Douglas.

Nice to run into you, too. I like the atrium, but I like the idea of opening up the front again, too. Don't know how constructive that would be when a new restaurant just opening there, unless Mr. Jorgenson planned some major renovations to expand the restaurant space into the interior of the Royal Albert.
I will concede on the SPD matter! Just out of curiosity where did you find the map? I can see the Census pages on the website, but can't zoom in on the maps to identify streets. Do you have a better source?

I like the idea of the atrium, but the execution just doesn't work for me. The sidewalk is terrible. I appreciate why they did it, but it just doesn't work for me. I think if they renovated the bar nicely, it would make a nicer environment for the restaurant than the atrium.
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