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Originally Posted by wrabbit View Post
In concert with the new building construction, Sears Tower’s grade-level plazas and retail will undergo a transformation. A new park on Wacker Drive will feature a reflecting pool, landscaping and seating, creating an inviting public space. The Adams Street granite wall will be replaced with an interactive digital display and glass storefronts at Adams and Franklin. Trees will be planted along Adams to form an accessible planting terrace. The new hotel will feature a retail plaza level that complements the Sears Tower restaurant Level 2. The upper plaza will include an indoor connection to the hotel, outdoor seating and additional landscape elements.
Thank god! That wall is atrocious! I'm glad to see these people plan to make Sears less affronting to the street. Frankly I'm glad to see that shitty granite go.

I love the new building, it should be really interesting with all of the double skin glass and various skygardens. Also I'm glad to see this plaza go, its one of the worst in the city, absolute unusable except as a corner shortcut. Its fenced off 80% of the time anyhow and no one ever uses it for anything. Its far from the many master piece plazas we have including Federal Plaza, Chase Plaza, and Daley Plaza. I just hope they don't do anything to obscure the Calder sculpture in the lobby from the street.