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This is the wrong place to discuss this but:

The bad news..... Austin is getting their new Fed Courthouse. We are not...yet. We did request an additional $4 mil to complete the design to get dirt moving soon.
You may need to elaborate on this because on 3/17/09 the following was released:

It is the approved 5-year plan (2010-2014).

It shows that in 2012 $142 million is planned for a new San Antonio Courthouse. This time frame seams to be online with previous plans. The $4 million allocated for this year is for design and other costs associated with the project.

What I take from this is that the City has to be close to announcing the site for the Public Safety headquarters because the feds are coming in 2012.

The historic courthouse is not an alternative for a new Federal Courthouse in San Antonio, it is rather a completely different project. This article is talking about money allocated for this fiscal year. They wouldn't allocate money for something before it is ready for construction.
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