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Originally Posted by ChicagoChicago View Post
I love the design of this building, but I hate the location... Anything on Lake should have a buffer to the sound the L makes. I'm on the 21st floor of 200 N LaSalle, and I hear the L trains all day, every day.

Couple the noise, with the fact that the L tracks will "hide" the atrium, and I'm not a fan at all. The building is gorgeous, and I'd love to see more residential units in the Loop, but something needs to be addressed with regard to the L.
After looking at Ryan81's renderings, I disagree with the location being horrible. Because of the shape of the Thompson center that area receives quite a lot of sunlight, even well into winter when the sun hangs more to the south. Also the atrium seems to be close to level if not a little higher than the el tracks right there. I'm not saying that the light of god will shine through from morning til dawn, but you might be surprised with the amount that bounces around down there, whether it be direct or reflected.

As for the noise, it comes with the territory. I live right next to the el (although not downtown) and I don't even notice it anymore. Personally I think the juxtaposition of the el beams and rounded glass forms would look fantastic.
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