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Originally Posted by TowerGuy37 View Post
I love this building !!!!!!!!!! so pretty, graceful and beautiful!!!!! What I hate is the tease of seeing the proposal! We see all these great building proposals always at the wrong time! Then the market starts to get better and all these little cookie cutter developments start stealing sales and these great proposed structures never materialize!!

1) Park Michigan
2) Inter-Continental Tower
3) Wolf Point
4) Waldorf-Astoria
5) Now Waterview possibly ( keeping my fingers crossed on this one)
Yes I do hope something happens so that this great beauty gets built. It is sad that Park Michigan and Wolf Point died...but Inter-Continental is still alive and just waiting for the right time to build...they were going to start a couple years ago but sales were so good they couldnt afford to cut that many hotel rooms for that long. As for Waldorf Astoria and Waterview they are still going...although Waterview has hit a rough patch, things will come back to normal soon enough!
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