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Ok, so here is the first round of photos of the models I took at city hall. They actually weren't models, just posters. I've mixed in a few of the actual renderings (screen shots) from the PDF file presentation.

Stratus Properties Inc.

Building heights:

650 foot, 54 floor residential tower
425 foot, 40 floor residential tower
385 foot, 36 floor tower
292 foot, 26 floor office tower
257 foot, 20 floor residential tower
223 foot, 18 to 20 floor hotel tower


223 foot, 18-20 story office tower.

425 foot, 40-story residential tower.

292 foot, 26-story residential tower.

257 foot, 23-story hotel tower.

650 foot, 54-story residential tower.

Museum Tower. The tower behind and to the right is the 40-story Block 51 tower.
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