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Updated aerial renderings showing two of the projects in the skyline.

I've also added some more information above each rendering in my first post above that was released today in the print edition of the article. Three of the proposals have a 55, 54 and 41 story tower proposed. The other two are proposing 36 floor towers for their tallest.

Catellus Development Group Proposal:
Number of buildings: 5
Tallest tower: 36 floors
Residential use: 1,191,900 square feet
Office use: 500,000 square feet
Hotel use: 0 square feet
Retail use: 198,000 square feet
Other: N/A
Parking spaces: 3,364 spaces


Trammel Crow Proposal:
Number of buildings: 6
Tallest tower: 55 floors
Residential use: 1,406,750 square feet.
Office use: 588,000 square feet
Hotel use: 350,000 square feet
Retail use: 175,000 square feet
Parking spaces: 5,200 spaces.

MITHUN <-- Architectural firm designing the project.
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