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Originally Posted by texboy View Post
...but then that would look like what they are building in Austin...
Originally Posted by texboy View Post
Im referring to the fact that its not all glass....All glass gets old IMO.

Actually, none of the new buildings going up in Austin are all glass. And to date, Austin only has one highrise that has an all glass facade. That is the Dobie Center near the UT Campus which is a highrise student dorm. That building was built in 1972, and actually had a facade mix of glass and limestone. In 1992 it was bought by a dormitory property manager and renovated in 1992. The renovation project included removing the limestone facade and replacing it with a cobalt blue colored glass.

Austin compilation of renderings.

Other buildings do have a lot of glass in their facade such as the Frost Bank Tower, Chase Bank Tower and Bank of America Center, but all of those have glass facades with metal framing around the windows, not pure glass facade. Also in that list, the Chase Bank Tower has marble accents.

All of our other buildings either have a mix of glass, (for windows), and or materials such as granite, limestone, marble, concrete or brick.

If you want to see all glass facades in Texas, look to Houston and Dallas. As a matter of fact, Houston has the tallest all glass facade skyscraper in the western hemisphere, it used to be tallest in the world, but I believe Hong Kong now has a taller one. Wells Fargo Plaza
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