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Originally Posted by BSofA04 View Post
Thanks for the response. I was having too much fun last night, I didn't get a chance to respond till now.

That's really pathetic that Austin barely mentions the San Antonio Spurs. Longhorns got the front page treatment for every Bowl Game/ Final Four so what gives? I'm happy that you're a Spurs fan, but I wish the Austin media would help us recognize the quality of basketball being played 70 miles down the road. We have 4 rings to prove it. It's just tough to swallow.
Here here... it pisses me off to no end that the Spurs lack so much media attention in Austin. We're only 70 miles up the road!

Again, I understand this is a Longhorn-domainated sports town, and NBA alleigances are somewhat split between the Mavs and Rockets (seem to be more Mavs fans here than any other), but the Spurs are almost an afterthought it seems. When the Astros made the '05 world series, the local media attention was much greater than with any of the recent spurs championship runs. Ugh. Is it any wonder why the rest of the country knows very little about this team? One of the many theories I have comes from the origins of our population. So many have relocated here from outside the region... which also includes move-ins from Dallas and Houston.

This makes me wish I lived closer to SA where I could pick up your local TV stations. I watched the KENS-5 live coverage on the internet the other night.

Anyway, GO SPURS! The Drive for 5 begins in November!
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