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Originally Posted by sirkingwilliam View Post
Double, if the Spurs are so boring what is the excuse for the Heat-Mavs series last season doing only .3 better than the years before matchup of Spurs-Pistons? Explain that one. There are many reasons this series is low rated. From ABC's shameful coverage of the NBA and even worse attempt at broadcasting NBA games to the series from the very beginning being one sided, there's no reason for most people to watch when they knew the Spurs would win. The Cavs are are one if not the worst finals teams in NBA history. Lebron isn't even good enough or popular enough to the casual fan to spike the ratings, however the NBA will continue to hype the kid.
Haha, yeah he is. LeBron is pretty damn popular, but this is against the Spurs, which are miles better than the Cavs. If this was say the Rockets (with national players like T-Mac, and a world player like Yao), or the Suns (with Steve Nash), the ratings would have been better.

I don't think the Spurs or boring though. It is exciting watching a young player like Tony Parker (I call him Black Frenchie) play.
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