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Look... I grew up in rural Georgia, and at least most people in the county I grew up in (middle Ga.) thought of Atlanta as the state's version of Sodom and it's inhabitants as godless money-grubbers. There's very little awareness there how much Atlanta contributes to the state, and it's pretty much an adversarial relationship. Most Republicans are very "wedded" to the suburbs and rural areas of Ga, and are usually complaining about the unfair amount of resources Atlanta gets compared to the rest of the state.

If traffic grinds to a halt people stop moving here, and people already here move away, and the economic engine grinds to a halt, and we end up being another Alabama. Like I said, finding money for the HOF and attracting fisherman pretty much shows where Sonny's allegiances lie. The Republicans don't like the Democratic government of Atlanta and Fulton Co., and will cut off their noses to spite their face by not doing a thing to help Atlanta. If you don't believe that, you haven't lived here long enough to know how Ga. politics works.

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