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Originally Posted by soleri View Post
There's a problem in forum's like this with people like myself. We come across as snobbish and elitist. We love cities more than tall building. In other words we want the best architecture, best planning, best preservation, and best outcomes. It's not just in your city, either. It's every city.

Philadelphia is already a great city and can afford to put up dreck like Symphony House. Still, you want to do better. You want to compete with New York, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago. If you're competing with Atlanta, Dallas and Houston, you're missing the point. You aspire upward, not sideways.

I agree with your comment that cities need to aspire upward, not sideways. I too sometimes think people who push for higher standards can be seen as snobs, but in the end, it's that pressure that eventually ends up with a better end product. I live in Tampa, and talk about a boring urban landscape. We are years and years from the urban vibrancy of Philly.