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Originally Posted by BSofA04 View Post
LA is having a lot of trouble getting any stadium plan off the ground. The fact that the NFL has to come in and help a city with 12 million+ is ridiculous. Fact is, people in LA arn't begging for a team and most really don't care. They consider USC as their pro team. I know that Benson is a businessman, but I just can't see him wanting to move to the West Coast. Tagliabue is out as Commish, and Goodell is SA friendly. My money would be on SA but I can understand why others feel like LA should get the team. Benson wants to go "home" and celebrate on his ranch here in TX after games. Or maybe he would love to stay in his private suite in a brand new stadium they city of San Antonio built him without the help of the league. Hell I wouldn't leave.
The people of LA could really care less, but a lot has changed in 15 years. The NFL wants a team in LA because of the money to be made there. I have my money on LA over SA.
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