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While, I agree that NORMALLY SA wouldn't have a snowballs chance against Los Angeles, this situation is unique. IF the saints were to ever leave N.O., I believe it would be SA, for the simple fact that Benson owns the team. Unless the NFL forced Benson to move to LA. But I see how they could force an owner to move somewhere they don't want to be - never happed before, and he owns the franchise, not the NFL. Benson is from SA as is Rita Benson, he owns business around SA, and SA is his adopted home town. He has no ties to LA - he would not move it there on his own accord. If he has a choice on where he moves his team it will be SA. I say this with the caveat that the NFL could do some severe arm twisting like they did to get him to move back to N.O. I personally think there is still a good chance they will stay permanently in N.O., but if Benson does move the team it will be to SA, unless the team is sold to someone else, imo.
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