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Originally Posted by trueviking View Post
^hilarious, i thought the exact opposite of you about that thing above and the projects in portland.
We must have different taste! For infill projects, I tend to like buildings that at least pay homage, or compliment the existing structures in a way that feels effortless. Granted -- It's hard to tell what the overall area looks like for some of those portland pictures. I just find it hard to believe these projects accomplish that.

In general, the Portland buildings "the rocket" and "h45" seem uninspiring. They look like they were from a childrens first early-school attempt and drawing a house. But thats just me.

And I suppose the Chicago infill is even worse. It's trying so hard and just completely off the mark. Looks like they ripped a sheet out from the Mc-Mansion design playbook.

Goody -- I'm a resident of Boston. I've heard alot about the Portsmouth boom -- but I've never taken a trip up there. I need to get up there sometime. Maybe when it warms up a bit.
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