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If ya belong here, ya belong here. We only live once, do you really want to spend it away from the place you love? That's what made the decision easy for me.


A few shots of the City of Legends tonight, set to the latest single from my favourite artist alive. So grateful to be living at the same time as both.

Video Link

The Rooms and the Roman Catholic Basilica of St. John the Baptist, towering above the Old East End.

Fortis Place and 351, with the Old West End climbing the hills behind.

St. Patrick's Hall (also known as the Benevolent Irish Society, the first charity in North America; now condos).

The Old East End framed by the east wing of the "new" Newfoundland Hotel. The school on the left is Bishop Field. St. John's still has most of its old downtown schools in operation. One of its hospitals is still open as well. Helps keep the residential neighbourhoods near downtown really lively - not all old folks and hipsters.

Memorial University off in the distance, framed by the west wing of the "new" Newfoundland Hotel and the Baine Johnson Building.

Confederation Building and Elizabeth Towers, near the Little Canada neighbourhood in the East End. Prince Philip Parkway, commonly known as "the Parkway", is the main inner-city commuter highway in front of Confederation Building.

Elizabeth Avenue, where the two tallest buildings in the city will soon be built.

Old St. John's from 351.

St. Patrick's Hall from the other side; some of the bars and clubs of George Street in the foreground.

The Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, its congregation established in 1699.

Fortis Place and the new JAG Hotel.

Water Street West, just 2-3 blocks shy of where it is cut by an arterial highway and becomes entirely dead/residential.

Cabot Place Complex, Mile One Stadium, and the St. John's Convention Centre in the Downtown West End.

Note to self: "The plural of anecdote is not evidence."

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