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I'm not that optimistic about Chinatown's prospects because I don't think much of the Chinese community really cares that much. To recent arrivals, what is Chinatown besides a small cluster of restaurants on the edge of a dodgy part of town?

You look at Edmonton and Calgary's Chinatowns and they're small, but they at least have a critical mass and can attract investment. Ours simply doesn't have that.

That said, I do think the area has the potential to build on the Exchange District's success. I would be looking more at younger people and Exchange District workers for growth than I would be towards Chinese immigrants. And I suppose, to buzzg's point, it wouldn't necessarily take all that much to improve the area's feel. One decent new building on the Shanghai Restaurant site (it wouldn't even have to be big... even something three or four storeys) would dramatically alter the empty, windswept void feeling that currently predominates in the area.
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