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Strahl responds to the chiefs' claim

In your letter, you assert that the Treaty One First Nations continue to possess "an underlying title" to the lands upon which the City of Winnipeg is situated. As you know, under the terms of Treaty One, the First Nations released their aboriginal rights to these lands to the Crown in exchange for the benefits provided for in the treaty.

One of these benefits was an entitlement to have lands set apart as reserve. The treaty land entitlement of Sandy Bay Ojibway and Sagkeeng First Nations has been fulfilled. Settlement agreements fulfilling the outstanding treaty land entitlements are in place for the Long Plain, Brokenhead Ojibway, Swan Lake and Roseau River Anishinabe First Nations. The First Nations released their treaty rights to land in exchange for the benefits of the settlement agreements.

-- Letter to Treaty One chiefs from Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl, Dec. 3, 2007
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