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Originally Posted by CoryB View Post
On a high level if De-Amalgamation was considered it would need to look at:

Police Services
Fire Services
Paramedic Services
Public Works (Snow clearing)
Water and waste

AKA it is not going to be something easily accomplished.

This whole de-amalgamation angle seems to trace back to the 2014 election with the Gord Steeves campaign. It wasn't stated directly or officially but that all seemed to have a lot of "south Winnipeg isn't getting their fare share" and the north end needs to pay for themselves sentiment.

De-amalgamation seems to have the potential to cause more issues than it might solve, especially if the driver is to more localize the spending of tax dollars. That is going to just widen the gap and push issues into other parts of the city.
Its funny that Steeves campaign would've suggested in some form that the North End needs to pay for themselves considering that the North End was always a part of the city...

If de-amalgamation ever became a campaign issue (which I don't foresee happening), the only areas that I think would potentially separate is Fort Garry, St. Vital, St. Boniface and Transcona. Everywhere else is geographically and historically more integrated with the city, St. Boniface and St. Vita have their French influence and Transcona is separated by large areas of industrial.
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