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Originally Posted by ILUVSAT View Post
Second, SAT will never be a true/large HUB for a legacy airline (a ULCC - maybe). And, it is up to a specific airline on whether or not to HUB an airport. SAT cannot build its way into a HUB. Even if they tried, how would they pay for it without the commitment of an airline?

Additionally, in the post-COVID environment, airlines are not going to create new HUBs - rather, they are going to strengthen the ones they have (and/or eliminate smaller ones).

I would agree with the notion of thinking "big." Heck, shoot for the moon and be happy with just getting into orbit.

A new airport in SA is definitely a possibility. But, again, how would you pay for it? A PPP with one of the bases in town could be beneficial.

Nonetheless, a true/large HUB is not in the cards for San Antonio. As far as the legacies go, American is not going to create a HUB ~250 miles south of its main HUB; United is not going to develop one ~195 west of theirs at IAH. Southwest already has two HUBs in Texas and Delta has already indicated the possibility of ramping up operations out of AUS. However, in the post-COVID environment - we'll see what becomes of those plans.
You've convinced me that San Antonio has only one option. The city must create its own airline.
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