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Originally Posted by Winnipeg Grump View Post
Having just come back from touring the campuses at UBC and U of Washington, it boggles the mind why the U of M hasn't built up residences and retail right on campus better than they have.

UWash opened 3 new residences last year!
Money is the reason. For most of history, the demand for on-campus living at the UofM wasn't very high due to most students being from Winnipeg or Manitoba. And those from Manitoba but not Winnipeg would often choose to find housing in the surrounding neighborhoods because it would be cheaper.

Living in residence is expensive, and as such, demand for it in a campus that primarily served Winnipeggers and Manitobans was minimal, especially when they already lived in the City or had family they could stay with.

Only recently (last 15 or so years) has international enrollment picked up, pushing demand up for living spaces near or on campus. I believe that residences at the UofM have long wait lists now, but given the fiscal constraints many public institutions in Manitoba face and the long list of pending projects the University has on it's plate, significant investments in residences likely won't happen because there are so many other things that need to be done that have been on hold for much longer. That, combined with the precarious nature of international enrollment means that building residences in Manitoba is probably risky when the University's return on investment is stretched over several decades.

On the flip side, the University's hesitation to significantly expand it's residence offerings (aside from Pembina Hall) has likely benefited home owners/landlords in Fort Richmond along with apartment and condo developers looking to invest along Pembina, Bison, and University Crescent.
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