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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
It's a good development but a funny one too because the proximity to the University is rendered somewhat meaningless by the unpleasantness of Chancellor Matheson as a pedestrian corridor. I'm sure a good many of the university students living in the apartments near Superstore probably drive or bus to school, as it's a hike on a -25 day. And as we all know, Pembina is not the most walkable street either.

But hey, I'll take this development. With all the action going on along South Pembina these days, maybe we'll see a gradual urbanization of the area in the same vein as what has happened in a place like Richmond BC, although we obviously won't match the intensity of what is going on there.
Having just come back from touring the campuses at UBC and U of Washington, it boggles the mind why the U of M hasn't built up residences and retail right on campus better than they have.

UWash opened 3 new residences last year!
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