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Originally Posted by urban_encounter View Post
Availability of European airline gates; cargo and demand for business and first class seats are a big determining factor for establishing new service for transatlantic flights. When travlers from San Antonio heading to Europe fly to/from Houston or Dallas it helps the airlines to understand passenger demand from SAT. If the majority of people from a particular market fly coach instead of first class or business class then it would be hard for an airline to make a route viable even with market subsidies.

So the question is whether there is a large market for business and first class passengers heading to Europe from SAT?
What if passengers choose to save a little money by flying coach to Houston, then going first class on the long flight? That's kinda what I did on my visit to SA over the holidays with my flights from Boston... I flew sheep class on the short connector flights (SAT-IAH), then I got the extra "plus" legroom seat on the longer flight (IAH-BOS).

As a side note, as a result of my visit I was the 10 millionth passenger at SAT this year. There was no fanfare, but I was that 10 millionth traveller.
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