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Originally Posted by BSofA04 View Post
I'm actually intrested to know if Austonians adore the Spurs?????
It's Austinites, not Austonians. Ugh, why in the heck did they name that building "The Austonian"?

Anyway, I wouldn't say Austinites "adore" the Spurs. I actually see and hear very little about the Spurs here. I did see a commercial tonight talking about the game with the Cavs, but of course that was on ABC, and it was just an ad for the televised game. The Longhorns seem to be the biggest sports team here regardless of the sport. They are without a doubt, the biggest sports draw here, even beating out the minor league teams we have here of baseball, basketball, football and hockey.

I will say one thing. In middle school when I fell to peer pressure and got a Starter jacket, the team I picked was the Spurs. Of course, I guess I have some bias, having been born in San Antonio. Unfortunately after an encounter with a stray bottle rocket that burned my jacket, I got a Dallas Cowboys one afterward. Still, if I was going to root for a basketball team, the Spurs would be it.
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