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Originally Posted by Montirob View Post
My biggest fear is what would replace the building - wood framed apartments? While many of these new apartment buildings we see sprout up around downtown currently look nice on the outside, their design, quality, and method of construction is not meant to last.
Yes, wooden apartments are not built to last longer than about a decade or so. I live in Regufio Place and the apartment is not that great. If we tore down the courthouse. I would want them to propose something grand. It doesn't have to be tall. But I feel an 8 story apartment building with retail facing Cesar, with wonderful architecture would do wonders for this spot. If we kept it, we would need to build something towards the street, a plaza of sorts, that brings people in. I feel an amphitheater would be great, but again, it needs to connect to the street.

Every frontage of Cesar should have apts with retail that are well done to create an interesting streetscape. This should feel like the entry point for downtown. With Alamo and Cesar being a major intersection we build towards.
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