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Blatchford’s exciting vision is to be a carbon neutral neighbourhood that is powered entirely by renewable energy. So, how do we get there and where do we start? Building a truly sustainable development like Blatchford means taking an ambitious, creative and innovative approach to energy use in the community.

An important step in the journey was understanding where Edmonton’s greenhouse gas emissions come from. With 20% of greenhouse gas emissions produced from residential buildings and 20% of the emissions produced from commercial buildings, Blatchford needed to look at how to provide heating, cooling and hot water to homes and businesses differently. The made-for-Edmonton solution? A District Energy Sharing System.

Blatchford’s District Energy Sharing System is a high-efficiency energy delivery system that will replace traditional furnaces, air conditioners and boilers in homes and buildings. It is a centralized system that distributes and shares heating and cooling energy between all types of buildings throughout the entire neighbourhood.

While district energy systems are a proven technology used all over the world, we are leading the way in creating a renewable energy system of this size in the region. The first stage of the District Energy Sharing System uses a geoexchange field, which harnesses the shallow geothermal energy below the earth’s surface, as its main renewable energy source. With 570 boreholes, Blatchford’s first geoexchange field is one of the largest in Canada!
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