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Originally Posted by SkydivePilot View Post
Thank you Stormer and Riverman.

To my knowledge, the Carlyle tower is was the tallest structure is SK back in '98. @ 1101', it's pretty damn tall anyway!

Guys, I'm not tooting my horn because of my profession; I'm merely more than happy to clarify any sort of questions/statements that you guys post here with regards to airports/aviation. In fact, I have been around this aviation shit for soooo damn long, sometimes I don't even want to admit that I AM a pilot.

At present, I fly for an operator in Ontario. (No, not 'skydiving' stuff; that was many - BLUE - moons ago, lol!)

Frankly, I'm more impressed with occupations and professions that other people have.

Happy New Year everyone!!!
It's not 1100 feet high. It's 1100 feet higher than the surrounding landscape because it's on a hill.

I think having the facts straight in a skyscraper forum discussing the highest structure in Saskatchewan is important. Now if you have actual proof that this tower is actually 1100 feet high I'm up for it.

Happy flying!
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