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Originally Posted by trueviking View Post
forgive the cattiness but it kind of has a styrofoam prison thing going on.

Will certainly meet the new energy code.
Bless that code
Originally Posted by Urban recluse View Post
There's Danish influence. Alt looks like a chalkboard, this project looks like styrofoam, hahahaha.
That's generous, haha!

Alt could win awards and steal yo girl compared to this.

Jokes aside, I'm very happy it's happening. If commons is successful enough to bring even more people downtown, let's do it. Hopefully costs can slow their steady increase if the market realizes we can't consistently rely on the appeal of these designs, though...
Originally Posted by buzzg View Post
Ya I just don't get how you can build an apartment with so few windows. Especially since only 10% of this is "affordable" – there's lots of market-priced units. Even the Downtown Commons got balconies.
That 10% is for the property tax abatement... lot's of money saved. If lease-up slows, that saved money softens the blow and the property profits strong in the long run.
Originally Posted by Spocket View Post
Maybe they're looking for some windows.
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