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Originally Posted by AwesomeSAView View Post
The "negative" comments sound like complaints. The development should be welcomed. Therefore, any "negative" comments sound like complaints and, yes, of course, you are entitled to your opinion. But, remember, the developers are professionals in what they do, and probably don't need any constructive criticisms from people in this forum. That is all people are trying to say to those people who insist on providing "negative" comments about developments and the city of San Antonio. Providing "positive" comments is always the best for "everything and everyone"!!
Nobody here is commenting for the purpose of providing constructive criticism to real estate developers. I am commenting about new developments and how they are meeting my expectations, or failing to do so. I will not stop doing this, and I don't care at all how anybody else feels about it. Regarding this particular development, I am generally in support, given how little is known.
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