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Originally Posted by Guiltyspark View Post
I come to the main page and scroll down to see whats recently been commented on, and its all new posts by him. You can see how many total posts someone has on the top right of their posts. It does not exactly take any detective work.
LOL but long story short, Its probably an over enthusiastic kid, I can tell by some of his posts, no need to be snarky at him, just kindly respond or do the adult thing and ignore it, like most people have with this one and his/hers others, while other grown adults like myself just answer the poor kids question. The world would be a better place if we all didn't feel the need to treat each other rudely.

Originally Posted by chris08876 View Post
That's because American developers are slow, and incompetent. Where it takes America on average 5 years to complete a road project, in China, whole cities are built. 1 Chinese worker is = most likely 5 or 6 Americans in terms of output. Those people are just superior at building quick and the soft-cost cycle is much quicker. Here we drone on about height, and "density concerns" from NIMBYS.

Well, on a positive note, good thing Chinese developers are pouring billions into our cities. They get skyscrapers finished quickly. If we start hiring some of them to solve our housing crisis in NYC, we'd see much more being built. We can learn a thing or two from China.

Pre-fab can work wonderfully. Its a good way to build quick, and fast, but things like lengthy permit and approval processes in the U.S. hamper speed along with developers changing plans at the last minute. Strict regulations also make it though to build quick.
I don't necessarily think its the American workers fault. We have many laws and regulations thing takes years and costs way more to get done in this country now. Where as China, the rules and regulations aren't there. Like I mentioned above, the Empire State Building and Chrysler were both donned a years time, quick by todays standards since most towers now at the 1,000 footer level take a minimum 2 years to get done even with the better technology we have.

and not to mention the rampant Nimbyism we have in cities like Los Angeles and San Fran where citizens feel the need to block even the smallest building proposals.
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