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Originally Posted by Knight Hospitaller View Post
Jazzy rendering to flat surface would truly take "bait and switch" to a new low. I have no information on which to have an opinion about the developer's bona fides. It does seem like a slim building surrounded by asphalt would be a hard sell, but I'm sure they weren't planning on the attempted rental of a paved over postage stamp that will generate no income. It does seem reasonable (except in cases of hardship or danger) to expect a developer to refrain from demolishing a building until all pieces are in place for its replacement.
It’s typical. The same thing happened at 1900 Arch and although everyone hates that building, we are lucky that the developer managed to get it off the ground. That site had several 19th century buildings demo’d before they had a single approval in place for the new building. It’s really a disgrace. I’m not a hyper-preservationists and I’m ok with the sacrificing some older buildings for a superior project but someone needs to be forced to do that analysis and hold the developers responsible.