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Originally Posted by JCE View Post
They have started to install the coloured panels on the exterior of the convention centre this week. Most of the glass has also been installed. Over the next month or so we will really get to see how this will look and tie into the area.
The exterior is really starting to take shape although I’m still not thrilled with the material. There may be valid reasons for such materials, durability, low maintenance, and perhaps lower cost, although at $60Mil for the makeover I don’t think cost was a consideration.

I thought at first that they would retain the brick on the original structure but I see that they have stripped the remaining brick off and are continuing to bring the new look around the back.

As for “tying into the area” I guess the colored panels on JAG would give an indication of where the design style might be going for this area. Let everything to the east retain a bit of a heritage look but let’s try to make “Downtown West” the new modern “high rise” business core…one can only hope.
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