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Regina | Pubs and Restaurants

With all the activity in and around downtown, I thought it would be a good idea to start a new thread for more detailed updates, photos, menus etc. from all the new establishments proposed for downtown. Here is an initial list.

  1. No action in the rumoured Famosa location in Tower 2;
  2. 20Ten City Eatery on 12th looks ready to open and has a stunning, urban décor;,
  3. Fat Badger Pub on the FW Hill Mall appears to be moving slowly. Décor is traditional pub with lots of booths. This has an affiliation with O'Hanlon's, but is intended to be more upscale;
  4. The former Deborah Dees on 11th and Cornwall confirmed it will be a restaurant by the owners of Flip. Little work appears to have been done inside. It is a beautiful space though.
  5. Victoria's Tavern on Hamilton is now open.
  6. The Loggies building on Hamilton has apparently been sold. It is apparently to house a martini bar/tapas place called The Capitol.
  7. The Keg on Dewdney and Albert is U/C.
  8. The Chopped Leaf on the FW Hill Mall is moving extremely slowly.
  9. The Taste of Mediterranean franchise on 11th is also moving very slowly.
  10. The Lobby Public House on Broad is open.
What am I missing?

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