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Originally Posted by Townie709 View Post
I bet it'll look great on the side of the convention centre! I'm still disappointed with the overall project though.. We should be expanding to compete with Halifax, Regina, Saskatoon, Quebec City, London and other similarly sized cities; not Moncton (ew), and Charlottetown and Fredericton. We seem to sorely underestimate our potential. I would have loved to see something similar to the nova centre be built here.. The city is going to have to live with the decisions it makes in 20 years when the convention centre will be in need of another doubling with nowhere to expand.
There were alot of limitations on this job that did not allow for higher and bigger, building. Some such as the existing building doesn't not have the loading capacity for another floor, the expansion area can not go out in to the road any further in any direction without getting rid of the road. This is also because of a existing duct bank that could not be moved. I can honestly say i know the inside and out of this project. There are some design things i did not like but im pretty sure they are going after a look that represents the "Welcome to St. John's" signs on the highway with the colorful little house looking things on it well thats what those tip out looking areas are supose to represent. Ether way still got 2+ more years before we see the final product.
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