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Originally Posted by Stormer View Post
Great to see a new tower downtown but it kinda looks like they dusted off some 40 year old designs. In fact the same building was built in Regina (and everwhere else) in 1972. Roberts Plaza:

Not gonna lie, the purposed project is 25 stories, 5 stories higher than the one you posted (or anything else in Regina). Also, I doubt it will actually be orange and I think it will look much more "modern" than the Roberts Plaza. I also doubt it's going to look 40 years old when it's finished. I'm glad we're getting some development, and I'm sure it will look a lot better in a final rendering than some quick orange-and-yellow sketch up.

Of course, I could be wrong. Perhaps it will be bright orange and yellow? It will match the old transit buses, that's for sure.
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