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Originally Posted by Migs View Post
How do you know it won't be viable or sustainable? Is it just your opinion or do you know more than those who have built successful and viable downtown stadiums throughout North America?

There could still be businesses (ie stores, hotels and restaurants) and other entertainments projects (ie movie theatre, waterpark) included in the project. Why does it have to be one or the other?

Why can't you do both? (ie increasing downtown residency and diversity as well as a new stadium). Look at all the vacant lots and ground parking currently in the downtown corp, those are areas that should be revitalized. We can walk and chew gum at the same time and its already proven throughout many major cities in North America that downtown stadiums are good for moral, good for the economy, good for surrounding businesses, good for entertainment purposes, good for exposure to amateur sports, and good for city pride. Throughout the past century, if people used the excuses you used above, we wouldn't have a CFL and we definately wouldn't have the Roughriders. But one must remember the Riders are only one reason why this project will go ahead, all stated in the study released last week.

Oh and for the record, the experts that were contracted to help revitilize the downtown did not mention anything about a stadium because the location proposed is actually not downtown. Look at the Downtown report, its from Sask Drive to Collge Ave and Broad St to Albert St. And one more thing, you used the fact that this consuting company didn't mention anything about a stadium, I am curious if they mentioned anything about a stadium being a detriment?

That said, the wheels are turning and the momentum is looking as though this stadium will get done. We have a VERY popular Premier and an even more Popular mayor both on board in getting this done. Also it sounds like there are upwards of 3 major companies already interested in becoming partners on this fantastic project for our city and Province.
That fact has got to be stressed, because if the Riders keep putting the same product on the field that I watched on Saturday..this dome could be built to seat 15 000 and it may not get filled on the 10 gamedays a year in the coming seasons.