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Originally Posted by Archie Teck View Post
No, quite the opposite. I would strongly support economically viable, sustainable development in that area. Since the dome is likely not viable or sustainable, that's another reason not to stuff it in there. The problem - as we will see unfold over time - is that this project will be reliant on soft tax dollars, likely made to appear as if they coming from gambling profits. So the location won't be about common sense, it will be about trying to reward the casino.
How do you know it won't be viable or sustainable? Is it just your opinion or do you know more than those who have built successful and viable downtown stadiums throughout North America?
Placing a giant structure that is expensive to maintain and will sit empty most of the time is a blown opportunity for what could go there.

Imagine if the development of that area went to projects that had to stand on their own feet, rather than be artificially propped up by public funds and back room manipulation.

I'm talking about businesses, residences and actual entertainment (ie non gambing) projects that have to be viable have to be well planned and executed and will have to make sense. And because they would be sensible, they would also be successful. The potential of that area is about to be squashed under a green and white elephant.
There could still be businesses (ie stores, hotels and restaurants) and other entertainments projects (ie movie theatre, waterpark) included in the project. Why does it have to be one or the other?

Imagine that area becoming home to thousands of new residents, workers employed in and around the downtown. Rather than commute from Harbour Landing, wasting time, creating pollution and traffic congestion, these residents could stroll to work over a pleasant system of outdoor paths and indoor walkways. Imagine new restaurants, food stores, and service-based businesses sprouting up to serve this growing community.

And ten times per year, these residents could make the 3 minute journey to the Taylor field site and watch the Rider game at a moderately and sensibly renovated historical stadium. These people could also make that same 3 minute journey to enjoy the aquatic center, the fieldhouse, the hockey complex, the soccer facility, a renovated Agridome. Giant trade shows will continue to be held at the vast area of the exhibition grounds, and the Rolling Stones size shows will continue to visit the outdoor stadium if they sense there's a few million bucks to be made off the populace.

Now wipe that beautiful image from your mind and replace it with a concrete donut that will sit empty most of the time. Think of the facilities around the city and province that will fall into decline as their budgets get slashed so that we can afford to heat and cool the empty donut.

The city recently contracted true experts to advise them on how to revitalize the downtown. These experts took the proper time and used a non-biased and objective approach. You'll note these experts did *not* recommend dropping a dome stadium on top of the downtown. They talked about increasing the residency and diversity of the area, and about specific ways of improving the flow both externally and internally. This stadium plan is nearly opposite of the sensible, intelligent advice they received.
Why can't you do both? (ie increasing downtown residency and diversity as well as a new stadium). Look at all the vacant lots and ground parking currently in the downtown corp, those are areas that should be revitalized. We can walk and chew gum at the same time and its already proven throughout many major cities in North America that downtown stadiums are good for moral, good for the economy, good for surrounding businesses, good for entertainment purposes, good for exposure to amateur sports, and good for city pride. Throughout the past century, if people used the excuses you used above, we wouldn't have a CFL and we definately wouldn't have the Roughriders. But one must remember the Riders are only one reason why this project will go ahead, all stated in the study released last week.

Oh and for the record, the experts that were contracted to help revitilize the downtown did not mention anything about a stadium because the location proposed is actually not downtown. Look at the Downtown report, its from Sask Drive to Collge Ave and Broad St to Albert St. And one more thing, you used the fact that this consuting company didn't mention anything about a stadium, I am curious if they mentioned anything about a stadium being a detriment?

That said, the wheels are turning and the momentum is looking as though this stadium will get done. We have a VERY popular Premier and an even more Popular mayor both on board in getting this done. Also it sounds like there are upwards of 3 major companies already interested in becoming partners on this fantastic project for our city and Province.