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Originally Posted by Archie Teck View Post
Hear hear! Finally some common sense being expressed (even if I don't agree with 100% of what you've said).

Even calling this a Feasibility study seems to be a misnomer. They're paying a stadium sales organization to tell them whether or not they should purchase a luxury stadium. The folly is obvious.

Floating 'economic impact' numbers is a big clue that this will be a financial boghole. They deliberately avoid using real world metrics like ROI that would expose a more honest portrayal.

The site selection itself is troublesome. It takes a congested area and makes it even more congested.

Operating costs will suck precious funds away from many other other valuable facilities and services.

That said, if a private (not crowns & casinos) consortium of companies and investors wants to build and shoulder the operations of this facility, then all power to them. But please don't squander public funds on such an extravagance.
I also find this portion of your post troublesome... Anytime you develop an area downtown with new residential or a new office building you make an already conjested area even more congested... Or are you suggesting we should not develop downtown anymore and let it slowly fade/die?