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Originally Posted by SHiRO View Post
That's not what your own statistics bureau says. According to them it's 190.7 million (and in May 2008 it was 186 million).
truth. I checked Wikipedia before checking IBGE. In fact, the english Wikipedia page is the one which says 196 million. (it seems thats the CIA World Factbook statistics)

Anyway I was refering to the infamously WRONG prediction by the UN years earlier that Brazil would have 200 million in 1995 (or something, I don't remember exactely). As it turns out they were off by about 45 million...

Just like it will turn out thet Brisavoine's "prediction" will be way off...
oh yeah, those predictions were very wrong. The growth rate of the brazilian population has been steadily declining. Which obviously, also brings lots of problems for the social welfare services, specially in a developing country.
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